Our successes and assignments!

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  • Developing, writing, and managing a global bid for multilingual content. 
  • Volumes of 8-9 million words per year to be translated and published at a global reach in many different language combinations and time zones. 
  • Securing easy and swift ordering and procuring processes. 
  • Securing accessibility to global client portal and use of the latest IT-technologies, like CAT, AI, Neural Machine Translation and more. 
  • Securing compliance with IT and quality assurance standards (ISO). 
  • Preselecting, interviewing, and qualifying “best in class” providers. 
  • Designing comparable pricing schemes and favourable discounting grids. Consultancy and advice related to the content of final contract, appendices, and SLAs. 
  • Post assignments such as onboarding of vendors, sanity check of spending vs. savings, complaints, mediations, global follow-up meetings etc. 
Primarily operating in the mining and cement industries. A truly global supplier of a variety of products, solutions, and services to adjacent industries, like chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals, water treatment and power utilities. Listed at the Stock Exchange Copenhagen and as such among the top 20 corporations. 

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